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DUREX Invisible condoms for greater closeness x 3 pieces

SSL International

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  • Durex presents its new product - condoms made for greater closeness of Durex Invisible. They are extremely thin, and therefore allows for maximum feeling sensations.

New Durex condoms Invisible been created to feel a greater closeness. They are 35% thinner than standard condoms are the thinnest latex condom on the market. Durex condoms Invisible allow closer contact with your partner and increase sensation during intercourse.

Durex condoms Invisible for greater closeness recommended for people who expect the ratio of the maximum experience.

Additional information:
Protect from exposure to sunlight. Keep in a cool, dry place.

How to use:
Carefully open the foil package not to damage the condom. The condom should be worn on the member erect. Only properly installed condom will help prevent unwanted pregnancy and infection with sexually transmitted diseases. A detailed description of the use is on the leaflet of the product.