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Durex Play Massage Stimulating Gel 2 in 1 Guarana 200ml, play gel

SSL International

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  • Durex Play Massage Stimulating Gel 2 in 1 Guarana is responsible for moisturizing and stimulating. Increases sexual sensations and relieving unpleasant dryness of the pubic area (eg. Vagina).

Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzoic Acid, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Flavour (Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Guarana - Paullinia cupana Extract), Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Hydroxide.

product is a stimulating massage gel with the addition of guarana. It is characterized by an extremely delicate scent. Ideal for use on the entire body and genitals. Checks with a massage and also helps to increase sexual sensations. Due to its moisturizing properties, responsible for reducing vaginal dryness and alleviate discomfort in intimate places. It can also be used during anal sex. Guarantees exotic and stimulating experience. Soluble in water and does not leave stains.

- allergic to the constituent substances of the product

Use the product within the full body massage or to hydration intimate surroundings during sex vaginal, anal or oral sex. You can be used in men and women.

How to use:
Apply topically. A small amount of gel should be applied within the intimate organs. If necessary, repeat the procedure. The product does not prevent an unplanned pregnancy. It can be used with a condom.