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DX2LEK 20mg / ml cutaneous fluid is a medicinal product for the treatment of male pattern baldness in both men and women. The active substance of the preparation is minoxidil, which stimulates hair growth. The first effects are visible after 8 weeks of treatment.

Composition of DX2LEK 20 mg / ml liquid on the skin:

Active substance: minoxidil (Minoxidilum) at a concentration of 2%. 1ml liquid contains 20mg minoxidil and other ingredients: ethanol, propylene glycol, purified water.

Effect of DX2LEK 20 mg / ml liquid on the skin:

The product is targeted at men and women affected by male pattern baldness. DX2LEK 20 mg / ml cutaneous fluid contains minoxidil, the active substance that promotes hair growth. The first effects in the form of stopping excessive hair loss are visible after about 8 weeks of treatment, the first regrowth of thin hair follicles can be observed after 4-5 months of treatment. The drug has the highest effectiveness in younger people in the early stages of the process of baldness, with better results visible in the area of ​​the head top than in the fronto-temporal part. After the end of treatment, the therapeutic effect is withdrawn within a few months.

The medicinal product DX2LEK 20 mg / ml cutaneous liquid is indicated for the treatment of male pattern baldness (alopecia androgenetica) in both men and women. For use from 18 to 65 years of age.

Additional information:
Store out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Flammable - Avoid sources of heat and open flame. The drug contains propylene glycol (0.15ml in 1ml of the drug). Propylene glycol may cause skin irritation.

Contraindications to the use of DX2LEK 20 mg / ml liquid on the skin:

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. Do not use in the case of scalp diseases (including severe changes in seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, scalp infections, skin with breaks in the epidermis, sunburned scalp). Do not use in the case of hypertension (in treated and untreated individuals). Do not use on freshly shaved scalp. Do not use under occlusive dressings. Do not use simultaneously with other topically applied drugs to the scalp. Do not use below 18 years of age and above 65 years of age.

Side effects of DX2LEK 20 mg / ml liquid on the skin:

Some people may experience side effects when taking this medicine, but they may occur more than five times more frequently in women than men. If you get the following symptoms, contact your doctor immediately: swelling of the face, lips or throat which make it difficult to swallow or breathe, e.g. signs of a severe allergic reaction (frequency not known); chest pain, increased heart rate, fainting, dizziness, sudden weight loss, swelling of the hands or feet, drop in blood pressure. Other side effects: often - headaches; excessive hair growth outside the application site; itching, including rash, itching in other parts of the body, itching in the eyes; uncommon - low blood pressure; dyspnoea; transient hair loss; changes in hair color and structure; injection site irritation; peeling of the skin; rash; acne-like rash; skin infection; dry skin, including at the application site; peripheral edema; application site erythema; rarely - palpitations; accelerated heart rate; pain in the chest.

Dosage of the liquid on the skin DX2LEK 20 mg / ml:

Use as directed by your doctor or as directed on the leaflet. Only for topical application to the scalp at hair loss sites (for use on healthy scalp). Adults from 18 to 65 years of age: apply 1 ml of the drug to dry scalp, apply in drops, gently rub with fingertips. Use twice daily with a 12 hour break. Do not dry or rub the application area. After application, do not wash your head for another 4 hours. Apply the product using a pump - to receive 1ml press the pump 5 times. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the liquid. Do not use more than 2ml of the drug per day, do not increase the dose or frequency of application. Do not use on other parts of the body. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the medicine. If after one year of treatment there are no visible results, you should stop using the medicine. In the event that the dispenser tube becomes clogged, it can be washed with boiled, warm water. If you feel that the medicine is too strong or too weak, talk to your doctor.