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DystoLoges anxiety, nervous system disorders drops

Dr. Loges + Co. GmbH

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DystoLoges anxiety, nervous system disorders drops

dystoLoges ® drops

Areas of application:
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures . These include: Nervous disorders.
Warning: Contains 20% alcohol by volume.

For DystoLoges anxiety, nervous system disorders drops information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

dystoLoges ® drops Relieves

nervous disorders such as internal restlessness, irritability and sleep disorders
With the unique power of the Indian snake root and four other proven medicinal plants
• Acts causally in vegetative dystonia (imbalance in the nervous system)
• Even relieves nervous organ complaints such as stomach pain *
• Calms you down, without making you tired or dependent, from the age of 6

* Hellhammer J et al .: Altern Complement Med 2012; 19 (2): 161-169.

DystoLoges anxiety, nervous system disorders drops Do you know that too?
Our stomach rumbles, our hands shake, our hearts pound and we sweat - nervousness during job interviews, stage fright before a lecture or inner restlessness, for example on moving day, are normal and go away as soon as the stressful situation ends. It looks different if the inner tension, for example through worries, recurring thoughts or changes in life, persists and we can no longer calm down. In this case, the nervous state easily becomes a health problem.

Symptoms are often
• inner restlessness and nervousness
• depression
• Sleep disorders
• Nervous organ complaints such as stomach pain or racing heart
• Mild anxiety states

If no organic cause can be found for these complaints, the reason may be an imbalance within the autonomic nervous system. This is also known as vegetative dystonia or somatoform disorder.

dystoLoges ® , the homeopathic 5-way combination for anxiety, nervous system disorders
Fortunately, you can support the body in phases of stress and do not have to resort to strong medication. There is also help from nature, for example in the form of homeopathic medicines that calm you down without making you dependent or tired during the day. The active ingredients in dystoLoges ®are especially attuned to nervous disorders.

Successful for 60 years - the story behind dystoLoges ®
Dr. Loges is a family company with a long tradition. 60 years ago, as part of his doctorate, the pharmacy doctoral student Werner Loges set out on the then very arduous journey to the Himalayas to research the medicinal plant Rauwolfia serpentina (snake root), which was still unknown in Europe. In a self-experiment, he ate the flowers and leaves of the plant before going to bed and then fell into a deep, restful sleep. Back in Hamburg he founded the later formulation of dystoLoges ® and founded "Kausan Arzneimittel Dr. Loges und Co. KG" on August 1st, 1958. Since then, dystoLoges ®Used very successfully for nervous disorders during the day to calm down and at night to promote sleep. In addition, dystoLoges ® is valued for its alleviation of nervous organ complaints .