Earphones with microphone - BlitzWolf® Graphene Earphone


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Earphones with microphone. What is the Graphene earphones?
Earphones using graphene offer superb frequency response. The reason for this is down to the graphene diaphragm’s simplicity: Most diaphragms/cones must be dampened to prevent undesirable frequency responses, graphene requires no dampening. This is because graphene is so strong that the diaphragm can be incredibly thin — and thus very light. Instead of being artificially dampened, the graphene diaphragm is dampened by the air itself. Graphene is also very energy efficient which leads to reduced power consumption.


1. 3.5mm, 24k Gold-plated audio jack.
2. Prevents oxidation of the contact surface and enhances the conductivity for a richer and purer sound.
3. Aviation-grade aluminum. 
4. Aviation-grade aluminum is diamond cut then carved by CNC.
5. In order to make the appearance of the back cavity more exquisite, we used a Radial pattern processing and finished it off with oxidized sandblasting.

6. It is compatible with 99% smartphone in the market.
1. Long-term listening at a high volume is not recommended.
2. Keep the product away from dust, moisture, and chemicals.
2. Avoid contact with high temperatures and sharp objects.

Package  Included:

 1 X BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone
 2 X Pairs Ear Muffs
 1 X Velcro Cable Organizer 
 1 X Earphone Bag
 1 X Using Manual
 1 X Warrenty Card



General Specification
  Brand  BlitzWolf®
  Model  BW-ES1
  Color  Black
  Wearing Type  In-ear
  Cable Length (m)  1.2m
  Net Weight (g)  15g
Technical Parameters
  Compatible With   Smartphones, tablets, portable music players and games consoles.
  Microphone  Yes
  Wired Control  Support
  Interface Diameter  3.5mm audio jack
  Sensitivity  102 ± 3dB
  Rated Power  5mW
  Impendance  32Ω
  Frequency Response  20Hz-20kHz.
BlitzWolf® Graphene Earphone BW-ES1 In-ear Wired Control Earphone With Microphone