EBERRAUTEN rockrose (Rock rose, Rowan) tea

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Dr. Jacob's Eberrauten-Rockrose (Rock rose, Rowan)-Tea

Pack size:100 Dosage form:tea

Eberrauten-Rockrose-Tea - the herbal tea for bad weather

  • Herbal tea from wild collection
  • Eberraute - proven for over 1000 years
  • Rockrose or cystus contains a particularly large number of polyphenols
  • Purely vegetable and very beneficial - also for gargling

100 g (for approx. 28 liters of infusion)

rockrose tea (Rock rose, Rowan) Particularly strong in this combination
The leaves of the rock rose, which is also known as the “miracle flower”, provide an extraordinary amount of valuable polyphenols. By infusing them with hot water, these are released from the leaves and can thus be ideally distributed in the mouth and throat area while drinking the tea.
Also known as lemon herb, the wild boar belongs to the daisy family. It contains valuable flavonoids, essential oils and bitter substances. Prepared as a tea drink, the wild boar has long been a popular and beneficial herb, especially in southern regions. Their taste is aromatic, fresh and tart.

Particularly high quality

At their location - largely unaffected by humans - the plants used for our tea are collected by hand and gently dried. This guarantees particularly high quality for real tea enjoyment.
Our tip: brew a large cup of rowan and rockrose tea once a day - especially in the cold and wet season - and drink it as warm as possible. The longer the tea is steeped, the stronger the taste and the more polyphenols it contains.
Rowan and rockrose tea is also ideal for gargling.

Consumption rockrose (Rock rose, Rowan) tea recommendation:
For one cup, pour 1 teaspoon (approx. 0.7 g) of rowan rockrose tea with approx. 200 ml of boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes. (The longer the steeping time, the more polyphenols are contained in the tea.)
Herbal tea mixture

Rowan (Artemisia abrotanum) (50%), rock rose (Cistus incanus) (50%).
From wild collection.
Bottling in Germany. Please store in a dry place.

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