Eco Light four-wheeled balcony x 1 piece


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The Eco Light four-wheeled aluminum balcony is a great convenience for people who have mobility problems. The possibility of using a balcony makes it much easier to perform many activities, e.g. shopping.

Operation Eco Light four-wheeled aluminum balcony:

The high-quality four-wheeled Eco Light aluminum balcony makes it easier to move around, provides support when walking, and when fatigue comes, it provides the opportunity to rest - it is equipped with a seat with backrest. The large front wheels make the balcony efficiently overcome obstacles such as curbs and thresholds. Moving with the help of a walking frame is safe and comfortable. The product is equipped with many amenities, e.g. parking brakes, ergonomic handles and a shopping basket. Thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame, the balcony is very easy to fold.

Eco Light four-wheeled balcony Application: The Eco Light four-wheeled balcony is designed for people who have mobility problems associated with lower limb diseases.

Technical data:
Color: silver; frame: aluminum; balcony weight - 7.6 kg; adjustable height: yes, 82-95cm; total width: 60cm; maximum load: 120kg; shopping basket: yes (total weight of purchases - max. 5 kg); brakes: yes; ball holder: yes; handle height adjustment: yes; ergonomic handles: yes; seat with backrest: yes.

Additional information:
To ensure comfort of use, the balcony should be regularly maintained and maintained.