ECTOALERG Nasal spray 20ml, allergic rhinitis symptoms


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  • ECTOALERG spray for allergic rhinitis symptoms, nasal administration, the preparation for the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis. It contains ectoine - a component of the protective properties of a cell and a moisturizing effect.

ectoine, water, salt alpine. It contains no preservatives

ECTOALERG Nasal spray contains the composition of ectoine, which is a component of natural obtained from extremophilic - micro-organisms living in extremely harsh environments, eg .: geysers, salt lakes or deserts. To protect against external influences these microorganisms produce just ectoine. The product intended for the prevention allergic rhinitis symptoms and treatment of allergic rhinitis.

Use: If necessary, several times a day 1-2 spray in each nostril. After opening do not use for longer than 6 weeks.

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