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EGG WHITE (EGG WHITES) 100 Mix Combi Megamax powder

Megamax B.V

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EGG WHITE (EGG WHITES) 100 Mix Combi Megamax powder

pack size:7X30g Dosage form:powder

Megamax Protein 100
Protein-rich and low-calorie drink powder with magnesium, vitamins and sweeteners.

The proteins contained in MEGAMAX Protein 100 support the increase and maintenance of muscle mass and the maintenance of healthy bones. Magnesium contributes to the body's own protein synthesis and normal muscle functions. It also supports normal functions in the energy metabolism and nervous system. MEGAMAX protein 100 is ideal for enriching the daily diet with protein, eg for athletes or as part of a diet plan.

Application EGG WHITE (EGG WHITES) Notes:
Stir two heaped tablespoons (approx. 30 g) into 300 ml water or skimmed milk and shake vigorously with the MEGAMAX shaker for approx. 30 seconds. Drink preferably between meals and after training/competition, or as part of a calorie restricted diet according to plan.