ELANCYL cream stretch marks for pregnant women 150ml

Pierre Fabre

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  • The cream for women from 4 month of pregnancy, which effectively care of changing the skin, preventing the formation of stretch marks - before, during and after pregnancy. The cream also reduces existing stretch marks.
Active components:
- Extract of marine algae: nourishes, stimulates cells
- Extract from safflower oil: nourishing
- complex rebuilding (organic silicon, amino acids, vitamin E): strengthens and regenerates
- Pro-vitamin B5: moisturizing complex (top layer of skin) and nourishing effects: Advanced technology and carefully selected natural ingredients guarantee a fast and effective action. The cream can also be used in the treatment of weight loss, rapid growth, maturation and rapid weight gain. The use of a real pleasure because of the velvety soft texture, mild flavor and excellent absorption. Results: Effectiveness: 86% * *% satisfaction test consumer performed on a group of 40 women who used the product once a day from the end of the third month of pregnancy Directions for use: apply 1-2 times daily on areas prone to stretch marks. Do not apply around the nipples during breastfeeding.