ELASTI-Q cream p / stretch marks 200ml


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  • Elasti q Stretch marks. Regular use of body cream is the best way to prevent stretch marks.
ELASTI-Q cream p / stretch marks 200ml for pregnant women!

Body cream - stretch marks prevention.

Regular use of body cream is the best way to prevent stretch marks. You do not have to look at how unsightly purple scars appear on your buttocks, breasts or stomach. Defend against them, the best protection is provided by prophylaxis - Elasti-Q Original .

Regular and well-started care will make you

Your skin will be beautiful and delicate not only during pregnancy, but also after it.

Elasti-Q Original has a light texture, is easy to absorb, does not leave greasy feeling and has a pleasant aroma.

Each woman has a different complexion. In some, it is dry, in others it is oily or mixed. Elasti-Q Original body cream thanks to a unique composition of active substances (elastin, hyaluronic acid, D-panthenol, vitamin E) is adapted to help everyone depending on their individual needs.

For best results, Elasti-Q Original is recommended to be used as often as needed. The most susceptible places, especially the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and hips, should be rubbed at least twice a day.

Advice - abdominal massage using Elasti-Q Original:
It is obvious that during pregnancy, the skin is constantly growing and is subjected to greater stress. The skin in this place tightens up and that is why it needs particularly caring care. Apply Elasti-Q Original to your hand and spread it gently over your stomach.

Start the massage in the area of ​​the navel: skin - piece by piece - grasp with the thumb and index finger, gently pulling it until it turns pink and soaks in the cream. The tissue will become more resilient and flexible.