ELASTI Q-cream p / stretch marks 200ml, stretch marks during pregnancy CREAM


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  • Stretch marks during pregnancy. Regular use of body cream is the best way to prevent stretch marks.
ELASTI Q-cream p / stretch marks 200ml for pregnant women!

Body Cream - prevention of stretch marks.

Regular use of body cream is the best way to prevent stretch marks.You need not stand idly by at this, as your buttocks, breasts or abdomen start to appear unsightly purple scars. Defend yourself against them, the best protection guarantees prevention - Elasti-Q Original .

Regular and started early care make

Your skin will be beautiful and delicate, not only during pregnancy but also after him.

Elasti-Q Original has a light texture, easily absorbed, leaves no feeling of greasiness and has a pleasant smell.

Every woman has a different complexion. For some it is dry, oily, or in other mixed. Body Cream Elasti-Q Original thanks to the unique composition of active substances (elastin, hyaluronic acid, D-panthenol, vitamin E) is designed to ensure that help all depending on their individual needs.

For best effect, cream Elasti-Q Original is recommended to use as often as needed. The most vulnerable areas, especially the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and hips, you should rub at least 2x a day.

Council - abdominal massage using cream Elasti-Q Original:
It is obvious that during pregnancy the skin is constantly growing brzuchajest subjected to a greater load. The skin in this place up to be tense and therefore needs to be especially solicitous care. Apply cream Elasti-Q Original on hand and very gently smear him in the stomach.

Massage start at the navel: skin - piece by piece - grab your thumb and forefinger, gently pulling her up to take on a pinkish color and penetrated her skin cream. The tissue will therefore be more flexible and elastic.