Electrolytes strawberry flavor x 5 sachets, electrolyte imbalance

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  • Electrolyte imbalance. In the course of acute diarrhea are often weakness and dehydration. Drinking an increased amount of water is not enough. Supportively to strengthen the body should drink electrolytes USP Health, which will restore water and electrolyte balance.

The contents of one sachet: glucose - 2.7 g of sodium citrate - 0.58 g, sodium chloride - 0.52 g, potassium chloride - 0.3 g citric acid (acidity regulator), strawberry flavor, sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose . Osmoralność - 245 mOsm / l.

The nutritional value in 100 ml of liquid: energy value - 26,6kJ / 6,36kcal; fat - 0g; carbohydrates: sugars, including - 1,35mg; fiber - 0g; protein - 0g; salt - 260mg; potassium - 79mg (4% RDA *); chlorides - 229mg (29% RDA *); citrate - 186mg.
*% Of the recommended daily intake.

Electrolytes are substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body, involved in the absorption and transport of water and support the work of the nerves and muscles. Their deficiency leads to disorders of the heart, nervous system and general fatigue. In the course of diarrhea it is desirable to use a preparation electrolytes that complements their deficiencies, thus preventing dehydration, and reduces the intensity of acute diarrhea. This preparation comprises the composition of most important human electrolytes - sodium, potassium and chloride and glucose reduced osmolarity - 245 mOsm / l. Glucose allows transport of water into the cells. After reconstitution liquid electrolytes formed with a delicious strawberry flavor.

Dietary food for special medical purposes electrolytes strawberry flavor intended for dietary dealing with diarrhea. You can apply from 3 years of age.

Additional information:
Not sweetened liquid. With sugar and sweeteners. People being treated for hypertension, receiving spironolactone or ACE inhibitors should be cautious. Store at room temperature, out of reach of children.

Do not use if hypersensitivity to any component of the product, hemodynamic shock and intestinal obstruction.

The formulation for oral use. 1 sachet to be reconstituted with 200 ml of water. During the first 3-4 hours and administered in portions irrigation. Children weighing up to 15 kg: Feed 4 sachets (800ml final solution). Children weighing more than 15 kg and adults: Feed 6 sachets (1200ml reconstituted solution). Then, in order to maintain the effect of the irrigation fluid administered with 100ml each bowel movement or torsjach. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.