Electrolytes x 5 sachets orange flavor

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  • Electrolytes a dietetic special medical purposes, which complements the deficiency of the electrolyte and prevents dehydration and alleviating the intensity and the course of acute diarrhea.

1 sachet contains: 2,70g glucose, 0.58 g sodium citrate, sodium chloride 0.52 g, potassium chloride 0.3 g
acidity regulator: citric acid, orange flavor,
sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose. It includes sugar and active słodzace.Osmolarność-245mOsm / l.

Dietary special medical purposes, is a rich source of essential for the proper functioning of the body electrolytes (sodium and potassium). Their deficits manifested by the action of weak body, tremor, cardiac or nervous system. Preparation replenishes the electrolyte, and also prevents the appearance of symptoms of dehydration and beneficial effect on the course of diarrhea (reducing the severity).

It is recommended to take the preparation to supplement the body's electrolyte levels. Especially in the case of the risk of dehydration and acute diarrhea.

For oral use. 1 sachet must be dissolved in 200 ml of water and take gradually as portions for 3-4 hours irrigation. For children up to 15 month. given four packets (800 ml of a liquid). Children above the body. exceeding 15 kg, and administered to adults sachets 6 (1200 ml of a liquid). Then, the application of the support administered to 100 ml after each bowel movement or torsjach.