Elgydium Kids Shoe mint-strawberry 50ml

Pierre Fabre

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  • PASTA Elgydium KIDS gel used in daily hygiene of milk teeth in children in order to strengthen them and protect the enamel.

Sorbitol. water. silica. PEG 32.1% dimethicone copolymer. aroma, hydroxyethyl cellulose. Cl 1618S. O.17g hydrofluoride * nicometanolu. sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium methylparaben paraben. sodium propylparaben. saccharin sodium, mint taste -truskawkowy. Contains a compound Fluorinok "-2S0 ppm fluoride. It can be used with homeopathic preparations

The gel toothpaste which contains the appropriate dose of fluoride. This component thanks to effective protection of the enamel of permanent teeth from decay. After the first 60 seconds of brushing aminfluoride bound by enamel. Pasta has a flavor of mint-strawberry, specially designed for children.

Use as part of daily hygiene of milk teeth in children aged 2-6 years.

Brush teeth with x 3/24.