ELMEX, protective factors against caries, tooth rinse


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Protective factors against caries elmex CARIES PROTECTION tooth rinse

pack size:400ml Dosage form:solution

elmex research has developed a special tooth rinse free of alcohol and dyes. The amine fluoride it contains protects teeth from tooth decay and inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

The ELMEX, protective factors against caries:

  • forms a protective film that protects against mineral loss during acid attacks.
  • The protective film promotes the incorporation of minerals into the tooth enamel and thus increases protection against caries.

Applied after brushing your teeth in the evening, the amine fluoride can have a lasting effect overnight.

ELMEX, protective factors against caries. In addition to brushing your teeth, a caries protection is built up, which significantly increases the performance of a toothpaste alone.