ELMEX Waxed dental floss to dental plaque removal from interdental spaces 50m mint

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  • ELMEX The waxed mint dental floss dental plaque removal excellently removes residual tissue and bacterial plaque accumulated in the interdental spaces. They protect against gum disease and the development of caries.

Monofilaments, mint

ELMEX Threads waxed mint dental is a unique medical device that complements comprehensive oral hygiene. It perfectly and effectively eliminates food leftovers in interdental spaces that could not be removed during tooth brushing. Removing them is extremely important, because they stay in the oral cavity decomposing and are the source of harmful bacteria (adversely affecting the condition of the teeth and gums). The threads are waxed, therefore they pass through the interdental spaces very well and do not become jagged. It is characterized by a pleasant mint flavor. ELMEX Mint waxed dental threads are 50 meters long.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use the thread as a supplement to daily treatments to maintain oral health (especially teeth and gums).

Directions for use:
Apply topically. It is necessary to tear off about 45 cm of thread and wrap it loosely around the middle fingers, in such a way that there are about 2 cm of thread remaining between them. Then, it is recommended to stretch the thread with the thumb and index fingers, and then gently insert it between the teeth, paying attention to the gums. The next interdental spaces should be cleaned with a fresh piece of thread. Use if necessary.