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EMOLIUM Protection Cream SPF 20 wind and frost 75ml


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  • EMOLIUM. Emolium formulation in the form of a protective cream which effects the adaptation of the skin to temperature fluctuations and protects it from external factors - wind, frost and UV radiation.

Complex lipid Hialuran sulfate, urea, SPF20 filter.

The cream is characterized by a unique formula examination in extreme climatic conditions. Applied to the skin produces an invisible protective layer that prevents the negative effects of wind, frost and UV radiation. It nourishes and gently lubricates and accelerates the skin adapt to rapid temperature fluctuations. Soothes and has regenerative properties.

Recommended for use in adults, children and babies over 6 months within the skin to protect against external factors (wind, frost, UV rays).

Use externally. Lubricate preparation facial skin before going outside. Repeat the operation if necessary.