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EMSER nasal douche with 4 bags of nasal rinsing salt

Sidroga Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsprodukte mbH

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Emser ® nasal douche
+ 4 bags of Emser nasal

Pack size:1 pc Dosage form:Combination pack

rinsing salt Emser Salz ® :

EMSER nasal douche active ingredient: Natural Emser salt.

Areas of application: For the supportive treatment by moistening, cleaning and decongesting the nasal mucosa in the case of banal acute infections of the upper respiratory tract and chronic nasal and sinus infections and as an accompanying treatment measure to accelerate the healing process after endonasal sinus surgery.

For nasal douche information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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Natural therapy for a clear nose
The use of the nasal douche with Emser ®Nasal rinsing salt can prevent colds and support the regeneration of stressed nasal mucous membranes. Nasal rinsing with Emser ® nasal rinsing salt mechanically flush bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen out of the nose. Excess secretion is removed, solid bark loosens and the nasal mucosa is effectively moistened. In this way, the nose is pleasantly free again and can fulfill its function. The product consists of a coordinated system with a nasal douche and 4 sachets of Emser ® nasal rinsing salt. The mineral composition is based on that of the healthy nasal secretion. Simple, effective application.

EMSER nasal douche:

  • Prevents colds
  • Quickly helps with pollen and house dust allergies
  • Supports the self-cleaning function of the nasal mucosa


EMSER nasal douche:

Without chemical additives
Emser ® nasal rinsing salt is a salt mixture made from natural Emser salt and other mineral salts, the composition of which is based on healthy nasal secretions. It is therefore well suited for moistening the nose when the mucous membrane is dry. for the effective prevention of colds and for regular rinsing, in which the mechanical cleaning of the nose has proven itself, such as with hay fever or house dust allergy. Nasal rinsing with Emser ® nasal rinsing salt can be carried out safely over a longer period of time.

The most pleasant way to do this is to rinse your nose with a lukewarm rinse solution. The salt must be completely dissolved beforehand by shaking it. When rinsing, bend your head slightly over a wash basin, open your mouth wide and, if necessary, use the adjustable rinsing pressure through the lid valve: the water simply runs into one nostril and the other out and not into the throat. The correct dosage is made using the appropriate sachet.

Always use Emser ® nasal rinsing salt or Emser Salz ® for nasal rinsing . Rinsing with pure water or table salt is not advisable due to poor dosability, as these irritate the nasal mucous membrane and cause it to swell painfully.

If some residual solution collects in the nasal niches after flushing, this can be easily removed by bending your head over the sink a few times to the left and right.

Regular nasal rinsing with Emser ® nasal rinsing salt can prevent colds. Secretions, dirt particles and germs are flushed out of the nose and the nasal mucous membrane is kept moist and healthy.

EMSER nasal douche FOR HAY FUSES
Nasal rinsing with Emser ® nasal rinsing salt has proven effective in treating hay fever. The symptoms of an acute pollen allergy can thus be noticeably reduced. Douching in the evening to cleanse the nose of pollen is recommended.

In the case of heavy dust exposure, nasal rinsing with Emser ® nasal rinsing salt removes impurities from the nose quickly and easily. Regular daily rinses in the morning are also an effective remedy for a house dust allergy.

Nasal rinsing with the Emser ® nasal douche and isotonic saline solutions can also be carried out without hesitation for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. It is designed in such a way that it can be used without any problems.


Which Emser ® salts for nasal rinsing?
Emser ®Nasal rinsing salt is suitable for cleaning and care. It moisturizes and cleanses the nasal mucous membrane and is recommended for nasal rinsing in the case of hay fever and house dust allergy. It is also suitable for prophylaxis, since pathogens that can cause infections are rinsed out through regular rinsing of the nasal mucosa. Emser ® nasal rinsing salt contains a mineral salt mixture whose composition is based on that of healthy nasal secretions.

In the case of acute and chronic colds and after sinus surgery, the nose should be treated with Emser Salz ®-Rinse the solution. The drug actively dissolves mucus, makes the nasal mucous membrane swell and has a healing effect. The active ingredient natural Emser salt contains numerous valuable minerals and trace elements in a unique balanced combination. Due to the special composition of the EMS mineral complex, Emser Salz ® is very well tolerated and increases the effectiveness of a nasal rinse.

How often should you do nasal rinsing Emser ® nasal rinsing salt?
It depends on the reason for the nasal rinsing. To prevent colds, we recommend rinsing your nose once or twice a week or daily with Emser ® nasal rinsing salt.

In the case of hay fever, the nose should be rinsed daily in the evening to cleanse it of pollen. If you are allergic to house dust, you should rinse your nose in the morning. If necessary, the nose can also be rinsed during the day.

Does every family member need their own nasal douche?
Yes, for hygienic reasons, everyone in the family should use their own nasal shower or each child should use their own children's nasal shower.

How do you clean the Emser ® nasal douche?
The nasal douche should be briefly rinsed with hot water before and after each use. To do this, unscrew the screw cap and rinse the tank container under running water. After use, fold the nasal attachment back and let the nasal douche stand upright to dry. It is important that the tank container should not be closed with the screw cap during the drying phase.

For intensive cleaning, the tank container and the nosepiece can be separated from the base. The tank container can be easily detached from the base of the nasal douche by turning. The nasal attachment, however, is relatively tight. Rotate the nasal attachment down and pull it out of its anchorage. All components of the Emser ®Nasal douche can be cleaned in the dishwasher. When placing the components in the dishwasher, please ensure that no dishwasher water should collect in them and that the washing container is positioned so that it is not under tension. Alternatively, the ingredients can be rinsed out with boiling water or boiled in a pot with water.

Insufficient cleaning or drying can lead to contamination of the nasal douche, which could trigger or worsen diseases.