EMSER salt 1.475 g combination with Nasanita Nasendu.Junior 1 pc

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Emser salt 1.475g + Nasanita nasal douche Junior

Emser salt
Active ingredient: natural Emser salt.

EMSER salt 1.475 g Areas of application:
For supportive treatment by moistening, cleaning and decongesting the nasal mucous membrane in the case of banal acute infections of the upper respiratory tract and chronic nasal and sinus infections and as an accompanying treatment measure to accelerate the healing process after endonasal sinus surgery.

Emser salt 1,475g + Nasanita nasal douche junior

Many children often have a cold because their immune system is still developing. This is how they bring home one cold after the other from kindergarten or school. If the nose is really tight, it can easily lead to sinus infections or otitis media. This is why it is important to carefully manage respiratory diseases in children from the start.

Nasal rinsing with Emser salt is an important part of the therapy. The Emser Salt 1.475 g combination pack including the Emser Nasanita children's nasal shower is a safe to use nasal rinsing system for children between 3 and 12 years of age. The amount of 1.475 g each of Emser salt offered is precisely matched to the filling volume of 125 ml of the Emser Nasanita children's nasal shower.

Siemens & Co, 56119 Bad Ems.
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