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EMSER salt water nasal rinse physiological bag.

Sidroga Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsprodukte mbH

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Emser ® nasal rinsing salt, salt water nasal rinse
For thorough cleaning of your nose

Emser salt water nasal rinse - physiological - is a salt mixture that contains natural Emser salt and various other mineral salts.

Natural mineral composition

With regard to the main components, the content of sodium, hydrogen carbonate, potassium, sulfate and chloride ions, the mineral composition is based on the mineral composition of the nasal secretion.

It is therefore well suited for moistening the nose when the mucous membrane is dry and for regular rinsing treatments in which the mechanical cleaning of the nose is in the foreground - such as cleaning the nose. B. in hay fever or in chronically dust-exposed patients.

Nasal rinsing with Emser salt water nasal rinse can be carried out safely over a longer period of time.

Active ingredients

  • 2500 mg of minerals

What does Emser® salt water nasal rinse contain?
Emser® nasal rinsing salt contains a mineral salt mixture with 5% natural Emser salt.

Analysis data of the salt water nasal rinse mixture:
Ions in g / kg: sodium 356, potassium 9.2, chloride 449, hydrogen carbonate 173, sulfate 11.5.

Emser® salt water nasal rinse does not contain any chemical additives to preserve or improve the flow properties.

The natural Emser salt contains numerous valuable minerals and trace elements in a unique balance and combination.

The origin from the depths of the earth determines its natural purity. Its special composition causes it to be extremely well tolerated and increases the effectiveness of mechanical rinsing treatments of the main nasal cavity.

When is Emser® salt water nasal rinse used?
Emser® nasal rinsing salt is used for rinsing the nose. Rinsing the nose is always useful when the nose is to be cleaned and moistened intensively. This is e.g. B. important with increased dust and dirt exposure, but also with increased slime and crust formation.

In times of increased risk of infection with colds, regular nasal rinses prevent the development of colds. For allergy sufferers, regular nasal rinsing is recommended when there is a pollen count, especially in the evening before going to bed. Nasal rinsing is also suitable for moistening the nasal mucous membrane and is therefore always useful when the nasal mucous membrane has become too dry due to environmental influences, e.g. B. by air conditioning, heating air or the like.

How and how often is Emser® salt water nasal rinse used?
Emser® salt water nasal rinse is used to make a nasal rinsing solution. To do this, one sachet of Emser® nasal rinsing salt is dissolved in 250 ml of warm water and the nose is rinsed with it.

The water required to produce the rinsing solution must be of at least drinking water quality and should always be fresh. In special cases of illness, such as B. cystic fibrosis or immediately after surgery, the use of sterile or boiled water may be necessary.

We recommend using the Emser® nasal douche for rinsing. For hygienic reasons, cupped rinsing is not recommended.

Salt water nasal rinse can be carried out up to 3 times a day with 250 ml of solution each time. As a rule, it is recommended to do it once a day. As part of long-term flushing therapies (several months and years), flushing treatments every 2 - 3 days have also proven effective.

What else should you watch out for when preparing a salt water nasal rinse?
It is important to maintain the correct concentration of the flushing solution, as too high or too low a concentration of flushing solution can lead to irritation and side effects. Emser® salt water nasal rinse dissolved according to the instructions (1 sachet to 250 ml of water) always results in an isotonic salt solution, ie the salt solution adapted to the mineral content of the blood.

Please only use rinsing solutions made with drinking water immediately after their preparation, as Emser® salt water nasal rinse does not contain any preservatives and the solution quickly becomes contaminated when stored.

When should Emser® salt water nasal rinse not be used?
Emser® salt water nasal rinse must always not be used if there are direct connections to the fluid spaces of the brain due to injuries to the roof of the nose and the sinus walls or if you are overly sensitive to the ingredients. Emser® salt water nasal rinse should not be used in the case of severe nosebleeds.

How long can you use Emser® salt water nasal rinse?
Emser® nasal rinsing salt can be used indefinitely, provided that the rinsing solution is always made in the correct concentration.

What undesirable side effects can Emser® salt water nasal rinse have?
In very rare cases, if used as intended, slight irritation symptoms such as tingling and burning sensation in the nose may occur.

What should also be noted?
Emser® salt water nasal rinse does not contain any preservatives.

Emser® salt water nasal rinse must therefore be used immediately after production and cannot be stored.

Emser® salt water nasal rinse should no longer be used after the expiry date printed on the packaging. Please always store Emser® nasal rinsing salt out of the reach of children.

Contents: 20 bags of 2.5 g each