ENDWARTS Classic solution 3 ml

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EndWarts ®
Effective Wart Remedy for Warts

Removal EndWarts® is an effective and effective solution for self- removal of warts on hands, feet, elbows and knees. It contains an effective formic acid solution.

EndWarts® helps the body to dry out the warts from the inside and to successfully repel them. It prevents the growth of bacteria and, when used correctly, does not cause inflammation, pain or scarring. The product can also be used on thin areas of skin and is therefore also suitable for small children * and can be used to treat several warts at the same time.

EndWarts® can also be used by diabetics as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.

* Consult a pediatrician before treating children under 4 years of age.

ENDWARTS Classic solution Important safety information:
Endwarts Classic in the bottle is a medical device for the local treatment of warts. EndWarts contains a corrosive solution (formic acid) as indicated on the label.

Pictograms and bold text on the packaging, including the labeling of the bottle, warn of the risk of chemical burns and how they can be avoided.

In order to avoid the risk of mix-ups as much as possible, the EndWarts bottles must always be kept / stored in the outer packaging. It is very important to remind users while dispensing this product that the solution is corrosive. Users should always be reminded to read the label on the bottle before use and to keep the instructions for use for future reference.