ENVIL Qatar Spray, 6+ stop runny nose


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ENVIL Qatar Spray 20 ml 6+ stop runny nose

  • Envil Qatar, is a modern, easy-to-use formulation which relieves runny nose, unblocking the nose and facilitates breathing with rhinitis - also allergic and with sinusitis. Further, the formulation also exhibits antibacterial activity.

ENVIL Qatar Spray, 6+ stop runny nose Composition:
1 ml nasal spray contains 1.5 mg mepyraminy maleate (Mepyramini Maleas) and 2.5 mg phenylephrine hydrochloride (hydrochloride Phenylephrini.)

Operation: Envil Qatar medicament is in the form of an aerosol convenient to use, the composition of which affects the improvement being rapidly in the case of rhinitis in infections, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis at. Envil Qatar, includes mepyramine exhibiting antiallergic and phenylephrine, which reduces the decongestant and unblocking the nose.

ENVIL Qatar Spray, 6+ stop runny nose Application: Envil runny nose, a formulation that unblocking the nose, reduces the secretion of mucus, facilitates breathing and antibacterial.

Usage: Envil runny given intranasally. Adults and children over 6 years: 2 doses of each nasal meatus every 4 to 6 hours single dose spray contains 0.15 mg mepyraminy maleininau and 0.25 mg of phenylephrine hydrochloride. do not use more than 5 times a day and no more than 3 days.