EPSOM salt bath, relaxation with lavender, epsom salt bath benefits

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EPSOM salt relaxation bath with lavender, epsom salt bath benefits

Epsom salt, epsom salt bath benefits

pack size:1kg Dosage form:Salt


epsom salt bath benefits:


An Epsom salt bath is known to ease pain and relieve inflammation, making it beneficial in the treatment of sore muscles, bronchial asthma, and migraine headaches. In addition, it has been known to heal cuts and reduce soreness from childbirth.

relaxation bath Relaxation bath with magnesium-rich Epsom salt and natural lavender oil

The bath made from original Epsom salt and natural lavender oil relaxes the body and mind and soothes the senses. The Mediterranean scent of lavender and the magnesium-rich Epsom salt allow you to calm down and ensure beneficial relaxation when you are exhausted and stressed.

The caring ingredients are free from chemical-synthetic fragrances, colorings and preservatives.

For a full bath, add 2 cups of Epsom Salt Relaxation Bath to the bath water and bathe for approx. 15-20 minutes.