EQUISTRO Myo Power powder for horses 2.3 kg


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Supplementary feed (powder) for horses

Protein concentrate for muscle performance and building

EQUISTRO Myo Power powder for horses Composition:
Potato protein 30%, calcium caseinate with lecithin 20%, dried apple pulp, barley flour, high temperature dried alfalfa, sucrose, carob meal dried and micronized.

Analytical constituents
crude protein 4 6%, moisture 7%, crude fiber 7.5%, crude ash 4%, crude fat 2%, sodium 0.1%.

Additives / kg: Flavorings : L-Leucine 59 900 mg

EQUISTRO Myo Power powder for horses Properties:
Equistro ®Myo Power is a feed supplement for horses to support muscles and condition. Myo Power contains readily available natural proteins from milk and potatoes in conjunction with the essential amino acid leucine. With this unique formulation, Myo Power provides a total of 18 different amino acids.
Myo Power is recommended for young sport horses, for whom the development of healthy muscles and stamina is important, and for horses, for which a build-up of muscle mass is necessary.

EQUISTRO Myo Power powder for horses Feeding advice for:
horses (500 kg): 75 g / day for 3 weeks, 50 g / day for 2 weeks
Foals / ponies: 50 g / day for 3 weeks, 25 g / day
/ for 2 weeks 1 measuring cup = 75 g

With the feed give, preferably after intense exercise.
Information as of November 2020