EQUOLYT Bio Eczema Protection liquid vet. 1000 ml

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Equolyt Bio Eczema Protection Vet. Fluessig
The optimal protection against

sweet itch and black flies Equolyt Bio Eczema Protection works in a targeted way by dehydrating (removing water) from the insect's body - it dries out. Effect on clutches and larvae is similar to the one above, but here the fibrins (proteins) or coatings are hydrolyzed and thus a further development (metamorphosis) of the corresponding stage is prevented.

Recommended use:
Equolyt Bio-Eczema Protection is used preventively against sweet itch by rubbing the head (protect your eyes!), Neck, flanks, mane comb, tail and all prominent body parts with a cloth / sponge. For basic immunization and in the case of skin problems that have already occurred, the intensive rub-in should be carried out on 3 consecutive days, after which it is applied 2-3 times a week as required.

If skin changes have already occurred, Equolyt Bio-Eczema Protection is applied to the affected, non-open areas of the skin with a cloth / sponge. Mostly these are mane crests and tail beets. This intensive rub is carried out on three consecutive days, after which Equolyt Bio-Eczema Protection is applied as required, depending on the infestation and severity of the skin irritations. Daily use is also possible. An optimal protective shield against mosquitoes of all kinds and other insects is achieved in combination with Equolyt Bio-Ekzem-Lind.

Composition: 15g / liter octanoic acid, 15g / liter decanoic acid (components of coconut oil)

The product has a dehydrating (drying) effect on the pests. The active ingredient also destroys the chitin shell as well as the fibrins (proteins) of the larvae and egg clutches. EQUOLYT® Bio-Eczema Protection works quickly and safely against all pests and has an excellent immediate and long-term effect due to the combination of active ingredients in the product.