EQUOLYT biotin for horses tablets

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EQUOLYT biotin for horses tablets

Equolyt Biotin Horse Tablets A lack of biotin

is noticeable as follows: The hoof horn becomes crumbly, has loose walls, is brittle, shows gaps, grooves and cracks; it is soft, thin, rubbery, and the crown of the hoof shows abrasions, detachments or other damage. This causes the horse to become lame because the hooves hurt.
Can also be used for itching, hair loss, dull coat, dandruff, pigment disorders and eczema.

EQUOLYT biotin for horses tablets Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Small horses: 0.5 tablets
Medium horses: 1 tablet
Large and heavy horses: 2 tablets
As a rule, biotin should be fed in this form over a period of 5 months - after that, half of the above amount is often sufficient to ensure the necessary supply of biotin.

EQUOLYT biotin for horses tablets Composition / Ingredients / Additives:
Composition: rice semolina, sugar
Ingredients: crude protein 15.2%, crude ash 4.0%, crude fiber 0.3%
Additives per kg: vitamin A 600,000 IU, vitamin D3 18,000 IU, biotin 4,500mg, vitamin E (as alpha-tocopheroacetate) 4,500mg, vitamin C 5,000mg, vitamin B1 300mg, vitamin B2 450mg, vitamin B6 225mg, vitamin B12 900mcg, nicotinic acid 900mg, calcium D-pantothenate 450mg, folic acid 150mg