EQUOLYT Mag Horse Powder, Horse FOOD

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Equolyt Mag Horse Powder Horse FOOD

A high-dose magnesium and vitamin B12 product

Equolyt Mag Horse consists of high-dose magnesium and vitamin B12.
This combination stabilizes the nervous system of nervous, restless horses.
Nervous, restless horses perform irregularly and consume less food.
A lack of magnesium leads to a nervous, irritable, unfocused posture in stressed horses and, in drastic cases, to persistent cramps.
The addition of Mag Horse induces central and peripheral relaxation - the animal becomes calmer and can fully develop the required performance. In addition, magnesium is an important building block for bone and skeletal development, in combination with calcium and phosphorus, especially for the growing horse. Since there is an increased breakdown and reduced absorption of magnesium in old age, a magnesium deficiency leads to an early decline in performance.

Equolyt Mag Horse Powder Horse FOOD Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Add 4 tablespoons to the feed (1 tablespoon = approx. 15g) After approx. 14 days, the ration is halved and given over a period of 3 months.

Equolyt Mag Horse Powder Horse FOOD Composition / Ingredients / Additives:
Composition: lactose, magnesium carbonate, magnesium citrate, magnesium
gluconate Ingredients: crude fat 0.5%, crude ash 47.9%, crude protein 0.5%, magnesium 12.7%, crude fiber 1%
Additives per kg: Vitamin B12 250,000mcg