ERIS Lirene fuser golden balm after sun 150ml, sun lotion

Dr Irena Eris

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  • ERIS Lirene fuser golden balm after exposure to cosmetics, which revitalizes and moisturizes the skin all over the body after sun exposure, and further emphasizes the color of the resulting tan illuminating the delicate gold flecks.


  • Suntan - significantly affects the extension of the tanning effect, enhances the natural tan color
  • Allantoin - soothes irritations caused by sun exposure
  • wax, oil and extract of red vine leaves - perfectly moisturize and protect the skin against water loss
  • Special combination of vitamins E and C with the substance Głuc - provides the skin with a subtle golden glow

ERIS Lirene fuser Gold tanning lotion after a cosmetic that is sure to appreciate the many women who care about good skin care after sunbathing. Balsam beyond rich moisturizing and nourishing properties, also contains gold particles reflecting light so beautifully highlights the natural tan color and gives the skin a radiant look. After applying the skin becomes incredibly velvety and silky soft to the touch. The product was developed by the Expert Scientific Laboratory Lirene. Dermatologically tested.

ERIS Lirene Gold Fixing lotion after sun exposure, perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin all over the body after sun exposure.

How to use:
Apply the preparation evenly on the surface of the body after each sun and bathing. Balm has a pleasant, non-greasy texture and can be used all year round.