ERIS Lirene Sun Starter accelerator lotion 150ml

Dr Irena Eris

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  • ERIS Lirene Sun Starter, is an innovative cosmetic, whose task is spectacular accelerating the process of tanning the skin and improve its natural color. It contains cocoa butter, aloe vera and silk proteins.

- complex Suntan ™ - effectively speeds up the tanning process and strengthens the golden tan color
- cocoa butter - prepares the skin to accept the sun and gives a light shade sun tan
- silk proteins - protect against the harmful effects of solar radiation, moisturize and give the skin a smooth surface
- extract aloe - prevents irritation and redness while sunbathing

ERIS Lirene Sun Starter, the accelerator process of tanning formula enriched with high care ingredients that help the skin to take a dose of sun and protect it from premature and rapid aging. In addition, the formulation lotion is enriched with active ingredients that soften the skin and leave it silky soft and well-groomed.

ERIS Lirene Sun Starter, accelerates the formation of a healthy and natural tan and prepares the skin for tanning and improves its tone.

How to use:
Apply 1-2 preparation day for two weeks before sunbathing. Spread evenly on the surface of the body. Recommended as a skin preparation for sunbathing, also in solarium.