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Erythritol 500g

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Erythritol 500g

  • Erythritol is almost as sweet as sugar, and almost devoid of calories, and that's very good news for people on a diet. The use of erythritol beneficial effect on the body, because the caloric content of food is falling heavily.

Ingredients Erythritol 500g:
Erythritol - 100%.

Nutritional value per 100g of product: energy value - 0,0kJ / 0,2kcal, fat - 0 g, carbohydrates - 99g, including sugars - 0g, starch - 0g, polyols - 99g Protein - 0g.

Natural sweetener almost devoid of calories, so in a nutshell can be characterized erythritol. It is a component found in many fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. The level of sweetness of erythritol reaches approximately 75% of the sweetness of sugar, but the fact that it is virtually bezkaloryczny and is rapidly eliminated from the body (lack of enzymes, which are responsible for its distribution in the body), speaks in his favor. The glycemic index sweetener that is zero, so is indicated for diabetics. Furthermore, no cariogenic and consumed in large quantities does not produce laxative effect and bloating.

Application Erythritol 500g:
Erythritol recommended as healthier and less caloric alternative to white sugar. Suitable for diabetics.

Additional Erythritol 500g information:
The product may contain traces of nuts. The product out of the reach of children, at room temperature in a tightly closed container.


How to use Erythritol 500g:


Use as a normal sugar - for sweetening, baking, cooking.

Net weight: 500g.