ESPARA NAIL HEALER 14ml. Terra Paint

ESPARA Vertriebs GmbH

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ESPARA NAIL HEALER. Deficiency of nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements and insufficient sunlight reduce the strength of the nails. The consequences are brittle, rough and split nails.

Espara Healer (Terra Paint) contains protein, which is the main component of the nails. Its action is based on the complete restoration of the molecular bonds of the protein, thanks to which the nails are strengthened and at the same time their natural flexibility is preserved.

The recommended way of use is to apply the hardener daily for two weeks in a thick layer on the nails, cleaning the old layer every day with nail polish remover. In case of extremely damaged nails, the term can be extended by another week. After this period, for long-term success, it is recommended to apply the hardener once a week as a base for varnish or alone.