Espumisan 40mg 25 Stomach Bloating,Gas Relief, Meteorism Gastrocardiac UK stock


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Espumisan 40mg.25 Caps.Stomach Bloating,Gas Relief, Meteorism
ESPUMISAN X 25 Capsules
Manufacturer: Berlin-Chemie AG, Berlin, Germany
Espumisan contains the active ingredient simethicone - surface-active material that acts on the surface of bubbles 
and lowers the surface tension resulting in disrupting or breaking the bubbles. Released gas bubbles are absorbed 
by the intestinal walls and are also eliminated due to the gut motility.
Indications: Meteorism or flatulence (painful pressure that is caused by excess gas in the stomach 
and intestines) Aerophagia, Dyspepsia, Gastrocardiac syndrome.
Preparation to diagnostic study of the abdominal cavity.