ESPUMISAN drops 40mg 30ml from 1 months of age gastro-intestinal disorders

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  • ESPUMISAN drops, containing the simethicone, selecting the features to lower the surface tension of gas bubbles contained in the food and the digestive tract mucus. Excess gas leads to gastrointestinal disorders in children and adults.

ESPUMISAN Composition:
1 capsule contains 40 mg of simethicone

ESPUMISAN Response: Espumisan in the form of drops, comprising as active ingredient Simethicone, which effectively lowers the surface tension of the gas bubbles contained in the food and the digestive tract mucus, causing them to rupture and absorption through the intestinal wall or expulsion. In this way, the drug also affects the feeling of bloating and oppression in the abdomen, and in the case of infants and very small children prevents the symptoms of painful colic.

ESPUMISAN Indications: Treatment of symptomatic gastro-intestinal disorders associated with excessive accumulation of gas (flatulence), even after surgery. Auxiliary in preparing patients for clinical abdomen (radiology, ultrasound, gastrocamera). In studies of the double contrast administered as an additive together with the contrast agent. ESPUMISAN Drops are also used in adjunctive therapy of intestinal colic in infants over 1 months of ageand poisoning surfactants as suds suppressor digestive tract content.

ESPUMISAN Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the ingredients and the 4-hydroxybenzoate. Drops do not use in children less than 1 months of age When treatment should not drink carbonated beverages.

Pregnancy and lactation: The safety of pregnant and breast-feeding has not been established.

Dosage: Oral. In the states of excessive accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract, school children and adults: 1-4 caps. Per day, the maximum dose for adults is 6 caps. In preparation of patients for diagnostic tests within the abdominal cavity: on the day preceding the survey - 2 capsules . 2 ml of the evening or drops 3 times a day and on the morning of the study - 2 capsules. 2 ml or drops. It must be taken during or after a meal, and if necessary before going to bed; Treatment should continue until the resolution of symptoms, the formulation can be administered for a longer period of time. Infants, simethicone in the form of droplets administered by adding it to a bottle of milk or with a small amount of liquid on the spoon before or after breast-feeding.

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