Essential fatty acids, BAMBINO Olive 300ml, skin itching


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  • Essential fatty acids, skin itching. BAMBINO Olive is a product characterized by a high content of unsaturated essential fatty acids. It has strong moisturizing and caring properties. Has a soothing effect on irritations.

Ingredients :
Glycine Soja, Paraffin, Ethyl Linoleate, Ethyl Oleate, Ethylparaben, Propylene Glycol, BHA, Propyl Gallate Citric Acid, Parfum, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Eugenol.
It does not contain dyes.

Action: The
oil works on the basis of high-quality vegetable oil enriched with stabilized unsaturated essential fatty acids. Thanks to this, it significantly increases the level of skin hydration and lubrication. It soothes existing irritations and prevents the formation of new ones. It works very well during the care of delicate skin of infants and children. Has a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child and PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene) approval.

Indications: The
oil is intended for use in the daily care of delicate skin of children and babies, recommended from the first days of life.

Directions for use:
Use externally. A small amount of olives spread on the child's skin after it has been cleaned and dried (preferably after bathing).