ESTO GAST, digestive system function, cinnamon, nutmeg, citronella oil, clove oil

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ESTO GAST Liquidum, digestive system function, cinnamon, nutmeg, citronella oil, clove oil

Areas of application:
- Traditionally used internally to support the digestive function.

Instructions for use:
The total dose should not be exceeded without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

Type of application?
Take the medicine. You can dilute the medicine with water or tea.

Duration of use?
In principle, the duration of the application is not limited in time.
You should consult your doctor if you have persistent or regularly recurring symptoms.

Alcohol poisoning can occur in the event of an overdose. Small children in particular are very vulnerable. Contact a doctor immediately if you suspect an overdose.

In general, pay attention to a conscientious dosage, especially for babies, small children and the elderly. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist about any effects or precautions.

A dosage prescribed by the doctor may deviate from the information on the package leaflet. Therefore, since the doctor adjusts them individually, you should use the medicine according to his instructions.

mode of action:
How do the ingredients of the drug work?

Many years of experience have shown that the drug can help with certain ailments. How the individual ingredients work has not yet been proven in scientific studies.

What speaks against an application?

- Hypersensitivity to the ingredients

Which age group should be considered?
- Children under 12 years of age: The medicine should not normally be used in this age group.

What about pregnancy and lactation?
- Pregnancy: According to current knowledge, the drug should not be used.
- Breast-feeding: According to current knowledge, it is not recommended to use it. You may be to consider a weaning.

If you have been prescribed the drug despite a contraindication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The therapeutic benefit can be higher than the risk that the use entails in the event of a contraindication.

Side effects:
What side effects can occur?

- Allergic reactions of the skin and mucous membranes

. If you notice any changes in your condition or changes during treatment, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

For the information at this point, side effects are primarily taken into account that occur in at least one in 1,000 patients treated.

Important information:
What should you consider?
- Beware of allergies to spices, essential oils and turpentine oil!
- Be careful if you are allergic to phenol (e.g. pyrogallol, triclosan and vanillin)!
- Beware of allergies to cinnamon, birch, poplar buds, propolis, valerian, turmeric and rosin!
- Be careful if you are allergic to the preservatives benzoic acid and benzoates (E number E 210, E 211, E 212, E 213)!
- Be careful if you are allergic to benzyl alcohol!
- The drug contains alcohol and therefore poses a risk to people with liver disease, alcoholics, epileptics, people with brain damage, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children.
- There may be medicines with which interactions occur. You should therefore generally tell your doctor or pharmacist about any other medicine you are already using before starting treatment with a new medicine. This also applies to medicines that you buy yourself, use only occasionally or have been using for some time.

active ingredients

  • 0.47 mg of citronella oil
  • 0.47 mg nutmeg oil, essential
  • 0.31 mg of cinnamon oil
  • 0.24 mg of clove oil


  • water, purified
  • Ethanol 96% (v/v)


application areas

  • Traditionally used internally to support digestive function.


Active ingredient: citronella oil (0.47 mg per 1 g drop); Nutmeg oil, essential (0.47 mg per 1 g drop), Cinnamon oil (0.313 mg per 1 g drop), Clove oil (0.235 mg per 1 g drop); Excipients: water, purified ethanol 96% (v/v)


* Adolescents from 12 years and adults
* Single dose: 2 ml
* Total dose: 2-3 times a day
* Timing: regardless of the meal


Storage before opening
The medicinal product must be stored away from heat.

Storage after opening or preparation
The medicinal product may be used for a maximum of 6 months after opening!
The medicinal product must be stored at room temperature after opening!

Manufacturer data:
W. Feldhoff & Comp. Drugs GmbH