EUCERIN SUN Body Lotion SPF 30 Extra light 150ml


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  • Milk Extra light, it's great to protect the entire body skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Shorts innovative filters, well absorbed and moisturizes correlated does not form an oily film. Ideal for all types of skin conditions including atopic.

Active ingredients: UVA / UVB with Tinosorb S, A Licochalcone

Using warm aura and opportunities for active spending time outdoors, you should always remember to protect against to arrive to us sunlight. Extra light lotion with a high factor - SPF 30, it is a means of providing exceptional protection for the skin exposed to ultraviolet light exposure. By using the composition of the preparation, innovative sunscreen UVA and UVB rays with the latest development on this scale - using a filter Tinosorb S - compound that perfectly and equally protects against UVB and UVA I (long wave) and II (short wave) - effectively protects the skin all over the body from damage of the skin to which we are exposed while sunbathing. The center strengthens and moisturizes the skin, prevents the formation of pigmentation spots and counteracts the effect fotosarzenia skin. Very well distributed, easily absorbed and leaves the skin unpleasant greasy film. Milk is waterproof - Protects also during the water bath is nice - slightly perfumed smell, and clinical laboratories Eucerin show excellent tolerability on the skin - even for extremely sensitive skin atopic.

To use:
Apply directly to the skin before any exposure to solar radiation. Several times apply during the long exposure to the sun and repeat after leaving the water.