Optima Plus

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  • EUKALIPTUS OIL OPTIMA PLUS has a stimulating effect on the body. It has analgesic and immunostimulatory properties. Combats bacteria and supports the treatment of sinusitis, flu, colds.

Eucalyptus oil

EUKALIPTUS OIL OPTIMA PLUS is a completely natural product that has a positive effect on the functioning of the body. Its use helps to stimulate the body. It works refreshingly and reduces the feeling of tiredness. It shows deodorizing and disinfecting properties of the skin. EPECIPTUS OIL OPTIMA PLUS contributes to the relief of pain (eg muscle). It stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms. Deters insects. It works warming up. Supports the treatment of respiratory tract infections, also of asthmatic nature.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use eucalyptus oil in the case of pain and muscle fatigue and rheumatic diseases. Also indicated as adjunctive in the inflammation of the airways (rhinitis, colds, influenza, sinusitis).

Directions for use:
3-6 drops of oil should be used for the bath (added to the tub filled with warm water). For massage use 2 drops of essential oil for 1 tablespoon of massage oil. Oil can also be used by humidifiers and sprays (for room aromatization). In this case, 5 drops per 1 liter of water are used.