EULATIN NH ointment 30 g

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Eulatin ® NH ointment, 30 g (MP)

EULATIN NH ointment. Relief for him and her - completely relaxed thanks to Eulatin!

• Facilitates bowel movements with hemorrhoids
• Protects the anal mucous membrane from tearing and itching
• With the practical applicator for use with internal hemorrhoids

Those who suffer from hemorrhoids fear pain and tearing of the mucous membrane with every bowel movement. Around 70% of all adults suffer from enlarged hemorrhoids at some point in their life. Greasing the anal canal with Eulatin NH ointment before each bowel movement helps to avoid painful pressing and thus to reduce the pressure load. At the same time, Eulatin protects the sensitive area from tearing, itching and unpleasant burning. Eulatin can be used for internal and external hemorrhoids. Eulatin is suitable for personal use as well as for the professional care of the sick, the elderly and people with disabilities.

EULATIN NH ointment Instructions for use:

Before each use, the anal area should be carefully cleaned with lukewarm water. For external hemorrhoids, a 2-3 cm long strand of ointment is applied. For use on internal hemorrhoids, first screw the clean applicator onto the tube and cover the tip with a little ointment by pressing the tube gently. Then carefully insert the applicator into the anus. By pressing the tube once or twice, the product is distributed in the anus with slight twisting movements. Thoroughly clean the applicator after use. Eulatin NH ointment can be used up to 3 times a day or before each bowel movement. To protect your clothing, it is advisable to insert cellulose or something similar.