Eva / qu Suppositories against constipation x 6 pieces, suppository for constipation


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  • Eva / qu Suppository for constipation. Universal, very effective and very safe suppositories against constipation Eva / qu. Acting physiologically help restore normal bowel movements. They can be used for occasional constipation and those with repetitive, Suppositories against constipation.

Composition Eva / qu:
Sodium bicarbonate and potassium bitartrate suspended in the polyethylene glycol is soluble in water.

Eva / qu Action:
Suppositories Eva / qu physiologically active, that is without the presence of the components absorbed by the body, not in any way irritate not work dehydration or not affect the electrolytic disorders, and of not addictive. Because of this it is often recommended to pregnant women, also in aid of the first bowel movement after birth. Suffice 3-4 minutes of application, a suppository began to release microbubbles that are pushing against the walls of the anus, the effervescent effect makes softened by suppository fecal masses are quickly excreted. Another application suppository contribute to restoring the efficiency of the mechanism effecting delayed emptying.

Function Eva / qu:
Medical device Eva / qu suppositories anti-constipation recommended constipation of different etiology - related to age, pregnancy and lactation (bowel movement before and after), as well as disability and immobility in the bed. Recommended for use gastroenterologicznymi before surgeries, urological, surgical. Suppositories recommended as an anti-constipation while traveling. The product is intended for adults and children over 12 years old.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

A suppository can be introduced into the anal canal, gently pushing it until full implementation. In case of difficulty you can before the introduction of the suppository lightly grease it with oil vaseline or olive oil. Suppository begins to work almost immediately, but it is important to refrain from flushing for several minutes, to this end, it is recommended to walk.

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