EXAKT S pill splitter

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EXAKT S pill splitter

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The easy handling thanks to the new sliding mechanism enables exact division of the tablet. The tablet is not crushed but cut without chipping and loss of active drug parts. 

The concealed cutting blade also guarantees optimal safety: a plus point for seniors or households with children. In addition, the tablet half that is not required immediately can be stored hygienically and easily in the closed housing until it is used.

Help for exact division of round tablets.

Divide? Why, surely!
It slips away, crumbles or falls into unequal pieces - who doesn't know the difficulties of splitting pills? The simplest solution is the Exakt tablet splitter, which quickly, precisely and easily splits the medication into equally sized parts without great effort.

With a kitchen knife or other sharp tools, however, portioning is just a matter of luck. Patients are often not aware that unequally divided tablets can lead to underdosing or overdosing, and even to a loss of therapy. There is also a risk of injuring yourself when handling the sharp knife and the sometimes small tablets.

"Half a glass twice a day" is the doctor's instruction. But then dividing often turns out to be more difficult than expected: With the pill splitter, on the other hand, it's child's play.

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