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Excilor ® 2in1 against warts Area of

EXCILOR application:
Medical product for the treatment of common warts and plantar warts on hands and feet.

EXCILOR Application:
Day 1: Apply icing agent. Day 2 to 5: apply gel.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not heat container. Keep out of the reach of children. Read the leaflet carefully before use.

EXCILOR Manufacturer:
Medical Brands Innovations BV, Piet Heinkade 199, 1019 HC Amsterdam, NL.

EXCILOR Distribution:
Kyberg Medical GmbH, Keltenring 8, 82041 Oberhaching.

Information status: 04/2017
CE 279734

Excilor ®2in1 against warts - twice as active against warts
Fast and easy treatment of hand and foot

warts Excilor ® 2in1 against warts combines the two most widely used treatment methods against warts in one product. It contains an icing agent and a concentrated gel made from trichloroacetic acid. This first freezes the wart down to the root and then removes the infected skin with an acid gel. Excilor ® 2in1 is doubly effective against warts in a short time.

• Twice as active through icing and acid treatment
• Against warts on hands and feet (plantar warts)
• Duration of use 5 days (up to 3 repetitions possible)
• Suitable for children from 4 years
• Clinically proven effectiveness

EXCILOR Application:
One treatment cycle lasts 5 days. Day 1: Apply icing agent. Apply acid gel on days 2-5: adults twice a day, children once a day. After a rest period of 4 days, the treatment can be repeated twice if necessary.

EXCILOR Ingredients:
Cryo-Active ™ freezing agent (liquid mixture of 1.1 difluoroethane, propane and isopentane), TCA-Active  (trichloroacetic acid), Carbopol, Aqua.

Use only on warts on hands and feet. Do not ingest or inhale the icing agent. Do not use icing agents and acid gels on healthy skin. The icing agent is flammable. Keep away from open flames, sources of ignition and heat. Do not expose the product to temperatures above 50 ° C. Do not pierce or burn the container with the icing agent, not even after use. The treatment gel contains a corrosive acid. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.