Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts x 1 piece

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The medical device Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts and warts combines the effectiveness of cryotherapy and acid therapy, thanks to which it allows you to quickly get rid of warts and warts. Preparation for use only on the hands and feet.

Composition of Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts and warts:

Cryo-Active ™ (freezing agent), TCA-Active ™ (based on trichloroacetic acid), Carbopol, water.

Includes Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts and warts:

Gel applicator (1 ml) and a container with a freezing substance (11.5 ml) and a holder for foam, foams (5 pieces), instructions for use.

Operation of Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts and warts:

Preparation for independent use in the case of warts and warts. Medical device Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts and warts works in two stages - from the inside (root freezing) and from the outside (acid therapy based on exfoliation of infected skin). Two types of therapy allow you to quickly remove not only warts and warts, but also to get rid of the virus responsible for these changes from the body. The skin recovers within a few weeks after the end of the treatment. The treatment begins with the use of a freezing substance, in the following days a gel with the active therapeutic ingredient TCA-Active is applied. The entire treatment cycle is 5 days. The product is simple to use and its effectiveness has been clinically proven.

Medical device Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts and warts intended for the treatment of warts and warts located on the hands and feet.

Additional information Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts and warts:

Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light. The freezing agent is flammable and may frostbite healthy skin. The gel contains caustic acid. Use the product in well-ventilated rooms, do not swallow or inhale the preparation. The freezer container must not be punctured. Keep away from any sources of heat and fire. Avoid contact of the gel with mucous membranes (in the event of such contact, rinse eyes or mucous membranes abundantly with water and consult a doctor as soon as possible). Avoid contact with healthy skin around the nipple, it is recommended to rub the skin around the nipple with petroleum jelly before application. If the gel comes in contact with healthy skin, wash it thoroughly with soap and water. The treatment area should be protected from sunlight, as skin hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation may occur. The foams included in the set are disposable. Only one person should use one package.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product. Do not use on warts located outside the hands and feet. Do not use on bleeding, red, irritated skin, and in the event of inflammation symptoms, e.g. itching, swelling. Do not use on moles, age warts, dark spots on the skin, freckles, water warts (contagious mollusk), exfoliated epidermis, seborrheic warts. Do not use when there are doubts as to whether the skin lesion is really a wart or a wart.

How to use Excilor 2in1 Treatment of warts and warts:

Only for external use on warts and warts on the feet and hands. Before use, please read the instructions for use. Treatment schedule: day one - application of a freezing substance; days 2-5 - gel application (adults - 2 times a day; children from 4 to 12 years of age - once a day). Freezing: apply the appropriate amount of freezing substance to the foam as described in the leaflet, wait 20 seconds until the foam reaches the right temperature. Then apply the foam by gently pressing it on the nipple for 20 seconds (for foot warts where the skin is thicker and calloused for 40 seconds). However, you should not put excessive pressure on the nipple. In order to remove the foam from the applicator, wait 2 minutes and remove it with a tissue. Acid therapy: apply one drop of the gel to the nipple (one press), or another one if one drop does not cover the entire nipple. Wait 15 minutes before putting on gloves, socks or shoes. It is recommended to start treatment with one wart to check for any side effects. If there are several warts within a short distance (1 cm), treatment of the next lesion should be withheld until the treated skin returns to its normal state (this process lasts up to 6 weeks). In the case of one wart, the treatment can be repeated three times, with a waiting period of at least 4-7 days after each cycle. During treatment, use only the foams that are included in the kit. After finishing the application, wash your hands, and if you are treating warts on your hands, wait 5 minutes. The resulting scab should not be scraped off, it should fall off by itself. Contact your doctor if the feeling of hatching persists, pain, irritation and redness appear, and if the wart has not gone away after 3 treatment cycles.