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Extract of St. John's wort, virgin olive oil, PHOENIX VITAL OIL


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PHOENIX VITAL OIL, Extract of St. John's wort, virgin olive oil

Refreshes, invigorates and regenerates

Kalantol® Vital Oil consists of a gentle oil extract of St. John's wort with a virgin olive oil.

These components complement each other ideally. On the one hand, they give your skin back the moisture it needs and on the other hand, they make the skin supple and smooth, for example during massages. The essential oils from controlled organic cultivation bring freshness and well-being to the skin and ensure a pleasantly invigorating feeling for body, soul and spirit.

Kalantol® Vital Oil is also suitable for daily body care for dry skin.

A massage before and after exercise loosens the muscles and protects against unpleasant muscle soreness.

Refreshes, revitalizes and regenerates with a wide range of possible uses.

Not just as a massage oil:
Invigorating "Cleopatra Bath":
Mix 4 caps of Kalantol® Vital Oil in 1/4 liter of milk or a small cup of natural yogurt and add to the bath water.

You will receive a wonderfully invigorating full bath.

Foot massage:
Let your feet breathe a sigh of relief. The careful foot and toe massage revitalizes the skin, refreshes it and makes it supple. You feel liberated, like you have been reborn.

Décolleté pack:
As a quick cosmetic aid for dry skin on the neck and décolleté, use a pack consisting of an egg yolk, a teaspoon of bee honey and a few drops of KALANTOL® VITAL OIL.

As a body lotion:
Kalantol® Vital Oil gives you a pleasant feeling of freshness if you apply it to damp skin immediately after showering.

Extract of St. John's wort, virgin olive oil