Eyedropper Sanity x 1 piece, eye dropper, eyedropper tool, eye droppers

Albert Poland

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  • EYE DROPPER, eyedropper tool, eye droppers. Eyedropper Sanity definitely facilitates application drops into the conjunctival sac. This is a universal medical device, as it can also be used as a dispenser of drugs.

Universal helps dropper to apply drops to the eye or ear. It has a rounded tip, because the procedure is performed safely. The main part - the tube - is made of glass, which keeps the device clean. Flexible balloon allows very precise dosage of liquid.

eyedropper Sanity intended as applicator eye drops can also be used for letting ear drops, or as a dispenser for medications.

to draw fluid squeeze the balloon end of the tube and immerse the selected formulation. Suction of the liquid is done by releasing the pressure on the balloon. The tip of the dropper to introduce a formulation in the conjunctival sac. Gently pressing on the balloon, gradually release liquid.