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Facial cleaning brush with blue LED light BEURER FC 65


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  • Facial cleaning brush. Delicate, but effective and thorough cleansing of facial skin is provided by the Beastr Blue 65 face cleaning toothbrush. The device uses blue light to eliminate impurities and pimples.

In the set:
Device; Power Supply; charger; cap with a soft brush; casing.

The effect of the brush is visible in the first 24 hours. The skin is clearly cleansed, soft, delicate and full of radiant glow. Cleansing is carried out using special movements of the cap (three degrees of speed), there are two levels of action to choose from: vibration for gentle cleansing and pulsation for more thorough cleansing, as well as restoring smoothness and softness to the skin. Brush movements also have a positive effect on blood circulation of the skin, which translates into improved appearance. In addition, the LED emitting blue light contributes to the elimination of pollution and pimples. Use is made easier by the timer, indicating the need to change the cleaned skin fragment. The device has a high degree of water resistance (IPX 7), which allows the use of a brush in the shower.

Beurer Facial cleaning brush with blue LED FC 65 light for everyday cleansing and skin care.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Separately you can buy an exchangeable cap.

Technical data:
Power: battery (30 minutes of work); Lithium-ion battery charging status indicator; Charging time: 6 hours. Warranty: 3 years.