FARINGOSEPT x 20 tablets to suck, stomatitis, pharyngitis


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The indications for the use of Faringosept tablets are: stomatitis, pharyngitis. Supportive (disinfectant) drug in oral surgery.

FARINGOSEPT stomatitis, pharyngitis Composition:
1 tablet for suction contains 10 mg of ambasone.

FARINGOSEPT stomatitis, pharyngitis Action:
A bacteriostatic agent active against gram-positive bacteria, especially against streptococci: S. pyogenes , S. viridans , S. pneumoniae . It is not active against gram-negative bacteria.

Inflammation of the mouth, throat. Supportive (disinfectant) drug in oral surgery.

Hypersensitivity to the ambassador.

Slowly suck 1 tablet 5 times a day. until dissolved (after meals).