Feed for dogs ArthroGreen plus 150 g

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Feed for dogs cdVet ArthroGreen plus

ArthroGreen plus

feed for dogs For the needs-based feeding of dogs with sensitive joints.

Improved recipe with rose hips. cdVet ArthroGreen plus contains a high proportion (30%) of New Zealand green-lipped farmed mussels, known as ngM for short. The ngM consists of a unique combination of active ingredients, stabilizes the supporting and connective tissue in a natural way and is also indispensable for the formation of synovial fluid.

 It has long been used in human medicine to eliminate problems in the connective tissue area. The effect of the ngM has been proven through years of practical experience and scientific research. cdVet ArthroGreen plus also contains minerals, trace elements and vitamins that are required for collagen biosynthesis in a readily available natural form.