FELITATZ kitten milk powder for CAT, cats 750 g

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FELITATZ kitten milk powder for cats, CAT

feliTATZ Kittenmilch

Milk Replacement Supplementary Feed for Cats CAT Substitute Milk

in the event of a mother's failure

Particularly gentle spray-dried powder made from milk in combination with a high proportion of high-quality colostrum is used as the basis for feliTATZ Kittenmilch. Due to this composition, it is optimally adapted to breast milk and is also highly digestible for motherless kittens. feliTATZ kitten milk is free of any synthetic additives.

feliTATZ kitten milk can be fed as substitute milk if the mother animal is absent due to death or illness, for example. For the first 3-4 weeks of life, the kittens should get along with their mother's milk. In the event of a lack of milk or large litters, the use of substitute milk can protect the kittens from malnutrition.

feliTATZ kitten milk is designed for a stable digestion of the kitten, additionally contains the necessary defense components, is of particularly high quality and easy to digest. Your pet needs enough time to get used to the new food. To avoid indigestion, change your diet slowly and gradually.

Stimulate the kitten's tummy with a soft towel that is warm at body temperature to stimulate digestion. Until the 3rd week, kittens are unable to urinate or defecate on their own. The cat normally stimulates the kittens' digestion by licking their bellies, so it is beneficial to imitate this behavior of the cat and stimulate the small belly after each vial. This prevents possible constipation.

Expert tip: Additional kitten milk is superfluous if the mother animal is healthy and gives enough milk. We recommend feliTATZ natural feed as early supplementary feeding and then as a complete feed. At the beginning of the kitten feeding, it is moistened with water, chopped up and fed as a porridge.

Please consider the feeding recommendation only as a guideline for a balanced, needs-based diet for your kittens. This information has been calculated according to the latest scientific findings, but it is essential to adapt it to the individual needs of your kitten. Because a single number cannot possibly do justice to all individual differences and conditions such as breed, age and size of the kitten, physical activity, environmental influences (weather, summer, winter) etc.