FELIWAY CLASSIC combination set for cats 68 ml


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FELIWAY ® CLASSIC combination set Promotion for cats

set for continuous relaxation at home and on the go

The FELIWAY ® CLASSIC combination set contains:
• 1 vaporizer
• 1 refill bottle 48 ml
• 1 spray 20 ml

Support your cat with this all-round carefree set at home and on the go. Reduce stress-related behavior in the house, such as scratching, marking urine or hiding, and ensure relaxed transport.

The promotion set is only available while stocks last.

FELIWAY ® CLASSIC vaporizer & refill
bottle 48 ml The FELIWAY ®CLASSIC vaporizer ensures permanent relaxation in the home. Thus, the vaporizer is the best solution to help your cat with changes or challenging situations to stay relaxed and to feel at home in the house. Behavior such as marking urine, scratching or hiding can be prevented.

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pheromone 2% isoparaffinic hydrocarbon qs 100 ml

A 48 ml bottle for up to 70 m² of living space. As a reminder, the FELIWAY ® sticker can be stuck from the bottle label in a calendar.

The FELIWAY ®CLASSIC Spray is a practical solution that helps cats stay relaxed during transport. Simply spray the pet carrier or basket 15 minutes before you let your cat in.

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ethanol qs 20 ml

The FELIWAY ® CLASSIC spray helps for approx. 4 to 5 hours.
A 20 ml bottle contains approx. 125 pumps (approx. 8 pumps / application).